Sweet Home Wax Melt

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I created the Sweet Home wax melts to help bring prosperity, love, wealth, health and happiness to your home. When looking for a candle for your home I know there are countless choices out there, but these wax melts are beautifully filled with stones and herbs blended specifically to help take your house to a home. Before melting, hold the wax melts in your hands and picture the home and those in it happy, prosperous, safe and loving, then break off a cube or two and place in your wax melter. Just to make the experience all the better, the scent of banana nut bread will fill the air.

Ingredients: 100% soy wax, lapis lazuli, onyx, clove, cinnamon, thyme

Scent: Banana Nut Bread

Any discoloration of the wax is perfectly normal for soy wax, the candle will still work and smell great!