8oz Health Spell Candle

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I created the Health candle for the times when we all feel under the weather and could use a little help, a boost in our healing process. Continue to take your medicine of course, this candle is not a substitute for medical care, it is merely a tool to help you along your healing journey. The candle is beautifully topped with stones and herbs specifically blended to help you along your healing journey. Before lighting, hold the candle in your hands and visualize yourself completely healed and happy, no more runny nose and sneezing for you! Then light it. As you rest yourself the fresh smell of High Tide will fill the room, making the recovery process a little better.
If you would like, take out the large stone from the candle before lighting. Yay! Now you have a new stone for your collection!

Ingredients: 100% soy wax, citrine, garnet juniper, rose, chamomile
Scent: High Tide

Any discoloration of the wax is perfectly normal for soy wax, the candle will still work and smell great!

Please trim the wick to a ¼” before each burning and burn no more than 4 hours at a time. Stop burning when ½” wax remains. Do not burn near children or pets. Do not burn near flammable objects.

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Caitlyn Riederer

Love it!

Leticia Kauffman
Absolutely beautiful candles

I love everything about these candles. They are well made and so beautiful.