8oz Full Moon Spell Candle

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The Full Moon candle is made ONLY on the full moon in order to harness the powers and energies of the moon so that you can tap into that energy whenever you would like. This candle has been lovingly topped with stones and herbs blended specifically for their association with the full moon. Before lighting, hold the candle in your hands, picture yourself taking in the full moon energy from the candle, stones and herbs, and using that energy in your workings or yourself, then light it. Let the smell of clean cotton fill your room as you tap into the power of the full moon whenever you would like.
If you would like, take out the large stone from the candle before lighting. Yay! Now you have a new stone for your collection!

Ingredients: 100% soy wax, quartz, moonstone, amethyst, myrrh, willow, eucalyptus
Scent: Clean Cotton

Any discoloration of the wax is perfectly normal for soy wax, the candle will still work and smell great!

Please trim the wick to a ¼” before each burning and burn no more than 4 hours at a time. Stop burning when only a ½” wax remains. Do not burn near children or pets. Do not burn near flammable objects.