Our Story

I am a witch and I love candle magic. Always have. Candle magic was my first dip into the making magic pool. I still remember putting herbs on the little yellow chime candle and saying my words of power as I lit it. I felt so powerful. So cool. So witchy. As time went on I loved making my own candles but I knew I could offer something to the pagan community that was missing. Luxury spell candles. There were so many candles out there, but I had my own creative talents to contribute. I wanted to make a spell candle that I would love to see on a shelf. A real spell candle, charged and ready for its purpose, with real stones and herbs that not only look pretty...but work! Oh, and my spell candles had to smell amazing, I don’t think that was too much to ask. So there I was, I had a tall list of criteria I wanted to meet and I think I’ve done that with Magical Materials candles. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I enjoy making them!


Love and blessings,